This site is dedicated to victims of FGM and provides them with available resources.

It is the goal of this website to provide useful information to victims of female genital mutilation around the world.  This information will serve as a resource for other information, provide interesting stories of other victims, and offer FGM statistics or any other matters that may be of interest to you.

It is estimated by the CDC that there are in excess of 500,000 victims or potential victims of FGM currently residing in the United States.  Often the needed information doesn’t flow readily amongst these patients. The content herein will facilitate that flow.

Through education, advocacy and legislation, the practice of FGM is slowly declining, but the estimate of three million new cases per year is yet a significant challenge.  The goal of abolishing this practice by the year 2030, while possible, is extremely ambitious.

The phenomenon of female genital mutilation is not common knowledge in the U.S. and many other countries.  Due to legislation, litigation, and advocacy, awareness is slowly being raised. It is hoped that the media, which has such a great impact on society, will contribute and provide stories that educate the public.

Victims of FGM are encouraged to not be silent.  Your voice must be heard in all efforts to improve the lives of victims everywhere.  Whether with an advocacy group, a media outlet, or the medical community, be willing to tell the story of your horrible experience.   This will move other victims to follow and hasten an end to this nightmare.